New-generation clay insulation boards

In 20 years, CaSiCLIMA® has been able to patent and introduce a mineral insulation board for interior walls with superior features to the market, since 2021 with VOC content of 0g per kg. Benefits:
  1. Mineral: Completely recyclable like mineral building rubble
  2. breathable: It creates the best possible living comfort, without the need of installing any house ventilation systems
  3. extremely capillary active: It eliminates any form of condensation and moisture in the wall
  4. odour-neutralizing by ion-exchanging: Because it is made with natural and technical clay
  5. humidity regulating in the house around 50%: Because it is made with natural and technical clay
  6. total resistance to algae and mold: With pH11 and water glass
  7. heath insulation, in dry and slightly damp condition: Thermal conductivity 0.050 W/mk
  8. good thermal inertia and sound insulation: Mass 160-250 kg/mc and 27dB on thickness 25 mm
  9. nail, screw, pressure and humidity resistance: both, for inside and outside walls
  10. total fire resistance: Class A1
CaSiCLIMA PROTECTOR is an advanced, natural clay-based insulation panel. CaSiCLIMA PROTECTOR is very easy to handle, to cut, to smooth, to grind, to screw, to fill, to plaster and to plaster. It can be mounted on walls made of stone, brick, cement, or plaster and it immediately begins to optimize the living comfort in the house.

Important: Theoretically, the best insulation is the one with the best insulation power. In practice, this is not the truth, because good insulation must fulfill all 10 points as described above very well and NOT ONLY have good heat-insulating values IN THE DRY STATE (in the laboratory). This means that insulation values in the damp state of the insulation material are just as important as in the dry state!