Healthy clay building materials

Living comfort - Energy saving - Sustainability - Eco-building

We are a distribution company of high-tech building technologies and materials with thirty years of experience in high-quality buildings. We develop and distribute building materials and systems with high-class features. A clear benefit for everybody involved in modern buildings.

CaSiCLIMA® building materials are patented and have unique characteristics. These loam-silicate (or clay-silicate) building materials are made mainly from natural clay (Ca-olinite), water-glass (potassium Si-licate), and sand. They differ greatly from standard clay materials with their superior resistance to humidity, force, strain, and wearing. Thanks to updated, new and advanced receipes since 2021, the VOC content is 0g per kg. Our patented products do active house microclimatic regulation -humidity and temperature- and they are extremely practical to handle and they can be installed/mounted by any processors/craftsman with minimal technical knowledge. CaSiCLIMA┬« has approved laying systems which have been already tested, introduced and approved many years ago.

CaSiCLIMA® provides product solutions with the new ONLINE SHOP: for the builder and the retailer.